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Jay Clark Band

The third album from the Jay Clark Band, The Time is Now gives notice that the JCB is back and they are still cranking out kick ass American Rock N Roll. Their is a new edgy sound to these ten tracks but the overall theme is about believing in yourself, never giving up, and continuing to push forward to make those dreams a reality.  

Jay says he had been writing new material over the last year and a half since the release of Turning It Up and said he felt compelled to put out a new record that would build on the rock sound of songs like On My Way and Won't Let You Down which were featured on their sophomore effort. 

The first single, You're Going Down, is a rocking track that has a little Def Leppard and Queen influence, and it will have fans raising the horns all summer long. The full length album was released in June of 2019. 

Jay Clark Band burst on the scene in 2017 by releasing the album, Cocked & Loaded. Their blazing guitars, powerful drums, and gritty vocals created a new musical genre, “Country Metal" and their second release has been described as "a bedrock American album."


JCB started when the singer set out to write and record his own material. He went to Nashville in 2016 to record 6 songs which became the demo EP, Never Too Late.  He went back into the studio a few months later to record new tracks and released his debut album, Cocked & Loaded, to Independent radio stations and streaming sites around the world in April 2017.

The Jay Clark Band or JCB as they like to be called, took their sound to new heights with their sophomore effort, Turning It Up, which they released in 2018.  Lead singer and songwriter, Jay Clark said their second LP expanded the band's range of music by offering soulful gems like Hometown and Backroads in addition to the rocking tracks that you'd expect from them, like Turning It Up and Crank it up Loud.

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Jay Clark - vocals/guitar

Rob Carlson - lead guitar

Keith Westheimer - bass

Tony Ruscello - drums

Dwayne Russell - keys

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